C. C. Finlay (ccfinlay) wrote,
C. C. Finlay

Yes, The First Question Is Rhetorical

Why do I keep letting myself get caught up in no-win arguments?*

In a related question, I'm wondering how many folks have sold their F&SF Slush Bomb submissions elsewhere. I know of two sales out of the approximately fifty people who participated, but are there any others? Not entirely an academic question, and I understand how slowly the submissions process works and that many of them are probably still out there in Sub-land.** Thanks.

*Holy crap. It's a compulsion.***

**Nothing to do with BDSM or underwater transportation, depsite the name. Yeah, I know, weird.

***This time I swear I'm done. SWEAR!****

****If you click on the link and you don't know where to find the Dave Truesdale column that generated the discussion, don't go look for it.*****

*****Really, don't! Not unless you need to be angry. Either angry arm-in-arm with him, or angry against.******

******Because I like rows of asterices.

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