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Vote for Paul Melko

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Feb. 21st, 2007 | 09:50 pm

After eighteen years without computer problems, I've had three hard drive failures in about twenty months, the most recent of which was this past weekend. This time I had everything backed up, and had some other computers in the house, so it wasn't anything more than an annoyance (except for my kids, who had term papers on that machine, not actually backed up anywhere else despite reminders to do so). But that combined with a case of the flu that had me spending one day in the bathroom and the next day in bed means that I haven't frequented LJ-land much of late and will likely make several posts tonight as I catch up.

Which brings me to the subject line.

For those of you in SFWA, paulmelko is running for office as one of the regional directors. (You can see his official announcement here.) I wish he would post his platform publicly, because it's a list of everything that's right about SFWA, especially his work for the grievance committee. (As usual, the things that SFWA does right happen mostly behind the scenes due to the efforts of dedicated volunteers who don't promote their own work within the organization, while everything that's wrong with SFWA happens, quite spectacularly, out in the open. )

So this post is my little wire-and-paper yard sign saying "Vote for Melko." Before he gets tackled by his scrum of kids and dragged off into the backyard for model rockets or rabbit-proofing the garden and he comes to his senses and decides not to run.

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C. C. Finlay

(no subject)

from: ccfinlay
date: Feb. 22nd, 2007 03:24 am (UTC)

It was either that, or a userpic with Joe Camel.

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