C. C. Finlay (ccfinlay) wrote,
C. C. Finlay

First Sale of 2007

YEAH! F&SF bought my Revolutionary War/magic novelet, "The Minutemen's Witch." Proctor Brown is my favorite new character to write since Maggot. When johnjosephadams sent me a couple minutemen history books for Christmas, I thought he was telling me I needed to do some research and a better job, but apparently I pulled it off.

The last history book I was a research assistant for is about the minutemen and the origins of the Second Amendment (putting the contemporary debate into a more accurate original context), so I have to give props to historian extraordinaire Saul Cornell, whom some of you have probably seen on CNN or heard on NPR or some other media outlet recently, as he's been everywhere, promoting the book.

(And if you do the "search inside" thing at Amazon, you can find me mentioned in the acknowledgments, which is kinda cool. I never pimped the book properly when it first come out, so I should link to it again now.)


I've been terrible about posting and replying to comments for the past couple weeks, but I hope folks will forgive me: in addition to the move and unpacking, I have a week's worth of catch-up to do at my job, as well as spending some extra time with the boys and Rae. Rae started her new job yesterday and is trying to adjust to Ohio time, but she'll be back to LJ soon too.

Over on the Online Writing Workshop, I want to welcome former Tor and current Electric Velocipede editor John Klima as our new resident editor for fantasy. (And if you didn't see the editorial review by last month's Guest Resident Editor, matociquala, you might want to go check it out for some excellent writing advice.) Which reminds me that it's time to finish editing this month's newsletter.

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