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Thanks to everyone who took my half-formed idea of having a slush bomb to F&SF and ran with it, articulating reasons for doing it, enumerating the positive effects, and spreading the word. I've been part of the discussions on gender disparity since 2001 or 2002, and it's been amazing to me, beyond my earliest expectations, to see people do one more concrete thing to address it.

It's first thing in the morning here, and I'm still not really sure how many writers will show up for this virtual rally. So far I've only included those who said their story was in the envelope or already sent, which is 24 as of 7:30 this morning. If I've missed you, please leave a note in the comments. I'll keep adding names to the list below through the weekend. (Because really, we all know about writers and deadlines.)

And here we go! Thanks to all of you. This has been great.

ETA, as requested, I'm trying to add links to homepages or bibliographies as I have time. Not that previous publications matter, as all of us had a first sale, and for some of us it was to F&SF. I've tried not to share information that people might not want shared (like if I know you, but your lj page contains no clues as to who you are). As of 10 a.m. Saturday, there are 44 writers participating -- very cool.

1. anghara Alma A. Hromic, aka Alma Alexander.
2. ellameena Catherine Shaffer
3. matociquala Elizabeth Bear
4. aliettedb Aliette de Bodard
5. jennreese Jenn Reese
6. leahbobet Leah Bobet
7. stillnotbored Jaime Voss
8. raecarson Rae Dawn Carson
9. hkneale Heidi Kneale
10. lisamantchev Lisa Mantchev
11. retrobabble Kelly
12. battle_of_one Karin Lowachee (I'll take this link down if she doesn't want her secret lj identity outed, but I thought her interests kinda give it away)
13. tu_sense
14. porphyrin S. Evans (does anybody know if there's a S. Evans bibliography page out there? she's published a lot the last couple years)
15. themachinestops
16. reudaly Rhonda Eudaly
17. sailormur Mur Lafferty
18. rachel_swirsky Rachel Swirsky
19. kim_richards Kim Richards
20. charmingbillie Deborah Coates (I don't think there's an up-to-date bibliography of her work either -- the Sci Fiction one is out of date)
21. kirizal Sharon Mock
22. cassiphone Tansy Rayner Roberts
23. gjules G. Jules
24. M. Lowd
25. stillsostrange Amanda Downum (I don't think she has a bibliography posted either, but with all her sales lately, it'd be hard to keep it up)
26. mekkavandexter Amber van Dyk
27. ann_leckie
28. maggiedr
29. sallytuppence Sarah Prineas (it looks like squatters have taken over her website, with all the lists of her published work)
30. Lisa Bradley
31. tanaise
32. katallen
33. ombriel
34. rambleflower
35. clarentine
36. Kaori Praschak
37. pjthompson
38. bondgwendabond
39. iagor
40. camillemulan
41. mallory_blog
42. ruralwriter
43. cicadabug
44. heavenscalyx
45. andrine and davidlevine
46. jodi_davis
47. affinity8
48. ombriel
49. Shweta
50. Barbara Gordon


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