C. C. Finlay (ccfinlay) wrote,
C. C. Finlay

You lost me at punished

Bill Shunn, aka shunn, a writer I admire and a guy I like and have even roomed with, said this about the Slush Bomb:

But it sure looks to me like Gordon is being punished...

Um. A bunch of women writers, including award-winning writers, successful novelists, and Year's Best authors, as well as promising newcomers who've been honing their craft at Clarion, OWW, and elsewhere, want to send their best new stories to Gordon first. And this punishes him how?

A bunch of writers, who also happen to be readers, some of whom have given up on F&SF, and let their subscriptions lapse, and already feel alienated from the magazine, want to do something fun to reconnect with it and turn those feelings around. And this punishes him how?

Come August, Gordon will get to choose from a wider than usual selection of stories from better than average writers. There might even be more good stories than he can buy right away. And this punishes him how?

What the fuck am I missing? Why is this so complicated? Why does it deserve anything besides support, at best, or, at worst, disinterest and lack of participation? Why would anyone try to actively dissuade writers from submitting to pro market they like and want to appear in?

If there wasn't a gender context to this, it wouldn't be an issue. Nobody has every tried to talk writers out of their annual April Fool's Day Slush Bomb to Strange Horizons. From being a joke the first year, it's turned into an annual tradition that regularly supplies a couple good stories to the magazine. Many of the other stories end up being published elsewhere. Why isn't anyone rising up in rage and demanding that we stop the Strange Horizons slush bomb? It's been three or four years now, and nobody has ever suggested that we're punishing Strange Horizons by singling them out.

That's why all the anti-F&SF slush bomb protests sound to me like "Boo, ya uppity wimmen! There's no problem here. Don't do anything together. Go back to your rooms with your views and sit by yourselves and behave."

Somebody explain to me why the Strange Horizons slush bombs are okay and the F&SF slush bomb is a bad idea. What part of the middle-class educated white guy gene am I missing that all the "women, don't do this!" logic baffles me?

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