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The Random World of Awesome

Jun. 18th, 2008 | 08:35 pm

My last post included the word atlatl as a humorous rhyme. Okay, my kids would debate the humorous part. But I'm fairly confident there was a rhyme. The atlatl is an ancient throwing weapon that predates bows and arrows. The Adena moundbuilders used them, although we don't know if they used them in rhymes, and since I grew up in the Adena heartland that's how I came to know about them. See, mom, I was paying attention during field trips, no matter what the teachers told you. The Aztecs were still using atlatls when the conquistadors landed; an expertly thrown atlatl could pierce the Spanish mail.

Anyway, one of the comments on that post came from someone who competes in world atlatl competitions! There's even a World Atlatl Association. I had no idea. And without the internets, I probably never would have. Thank you, internets, yet again.

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