October 15th, 2005


Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher

I was surprised and delighted to see that I am now officially an lj interest. Thanks, ambasadora!

Of course, this means it's only a matter of time until I get added to the dislikes list too. Vanity has a mayfly's life. Alas.

In the same vein, ferret herder and general troublemaker jmeadows decided over on the owwblogs community that this month's OWW writing challenge is to finish a story that begins with the sentence "It started the night they found Charlie dead." Which is flattering in its own way... at least until I read the stories and found out how I die.

I feel sorry for Gordon if he gets hit with all those stories at once.


The Dog Who Outsmarted Me and Broke My Hand

The weather was perfect today -- mid-70s, sunshine, breeze, and the leaves all changing colors, the kind of day that makes fall my favorite season. After the boys' soccer game, we rented a canoe and paddled our way down the Big Darby all afternoon. Apart from one kayaker and a couple fishermen, we had the water to ourselves today -- everyone else must've been at the Ohio State game.

Four years ago when we were out on the river, we saw an odd pair of ducks, a female Muscovy with a male mallard. They were out on the water again today, only this time joined by a female mallard -- cross-species polyamory! There were also some painted turtles out sunning themselves on logs and one big snapper that we floated right by and let alone. In the thicker parts of the woods, jays zipped through the sycamore trees that lined the banks, blue flashes against the bone-white trunks.

chance88088 tells me that this journal needs more stories like the recent one about my brief courtship with the soft-headed girl. At her request, Collapse )