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Wonder Twin Powerless

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Mar. 17th, 2011 | 05:52 pm

Bear with me for the set-up here. Note: I'm not promising there's any pay-off if you bear with me. I'm just asking you to bear.

So I work as an executive assistant for a leader at a large university and part of my daily job is managing his calendar. My boss and one of the vice presidents cooperate on a bunch of major university projects and initiatives so they have a weekly meeting, but when conflicts come up his admin assistant and I will reschedule that meeting. Lately, because things are kind of crazy for both of them, we’ve rescheduled about six weeks in a row. And today it was my turn to ask for a change.

The very end of our conversation went something like this…

Me: Thanks so much!

Her: Thank you for accepting all of my change requests. It seems like we always manage to make it work somehow!

Me: Fist bump! “Wonder Admin powers, ACTIVATE!”

Her: ...

Me: You’re not old enough to remember the Wonder Twins, are you?

Her: Yeah, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Me: *awkward cough*

Her: But... I’m sure it’s amazing!

Me: Yeah.

Basically I haven’t felt this old and out of touch since... well, that would be a couple weeks ago when I was trying to explain my McArthur Park joke to Rae.

Yeah, that one was amazing too. And have I ever told you about how awesome vaudeville was?! ZOMG!!

*awkward cough*


Now get off my lawn.

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Steven E Schend

(no subject)

from: brainstormfront
date: Mar. 18th, 2011 02:57 pm (UTC)

Form of an ice-walker! ;)

Seriously, I get this all the time with my wife, who's both younger and far less geeky than I. I just shrug and tell her she'd better keep up, as I'm indoctrinating our 14 month old son with all the silly stuff on which I grew up. Thus, he already likes it when I sing the silly theme songs from the older Marvel cartoons ("When Captain America throws his mighty shield..." and all that jazz).

Seriously, I think it's great that so much of our childhoods are now available on DVD collections, but it does make it hard to recreate the experience of commercial breaks of the Superfriends to slip in a Schoolhouse Rock short....


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