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NY Comic Con and a Free Book!

The Patriot Witch is being released early for free! But before that news, this...

Those of you attending New York's Comic Con this weekend should look for:

(a) me
(b) some kind of Patriot Witch swag
(c) raecarson in a Wonder Woman outfit
(d) me in a body cast for suggesting (c)

Yes, it's true! I'll be at Comic Con this Saturday and Sunday. I will definitely spend some time at the Random House booths (1940 and 1941, which is one aisle over from the big DC Comics booth). I also expect to appear at the Random House panel on Saturday afternoon in meeting room IA22 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. The BNA will be the Australian alternate history/technothriller asskicking rockstar John Birmingham, who's doing a Q&A. But I'll be there to wave to the crowd and talk to anyone who wants to see me before or after.

"But wait!" you say. "I'm not going to Comic Con--get to the free book part!"

I was just getting to the free book part.

Regular readers of this blog know that I have a new series coming out called "Traitor to the Crown," about witches fighting a secret war behind--and sometimes in front of--the scenes during the American Revolution. The Patriot Witch, the first book in the series, is scheduled for release in April of this year. The second and third books will follow in May and June.

So I was talking with the marketing people at Del Rey, my publisher. Most of us like to check out a book before we buy it. We like to go into the bookstore, pull it off the shelf, and read it while we sip a mocha latte or a big black coffee or a bottle of juice from the cafe. So, to coincide with Comic Con, Del Rey and I are offering a free PDF download of The Patriot Witch. Pour yourself something to drink and take a read. Check it out. For free.

Yes, we're giving it away. I've seen Cory Doctorow offer free downloads of his books when they're released. I've witnessed John Scalzi build a novel career by giving away his first book online. I've watched the Baen Free Library introduce great books to people who would never have seen them otherwise. This isn't exactly the same thing, but it seems like a no-brainer to me.

Yes, the book is not due out in stores until April 28th. But you can have it RIGHT NOW!

Just go download The Patriot Witch for free at my website.

That's all.

No user information required.

No email has to be entered.

No newsletter you have to sign up for.

Click and download.

If you like it, we hope you'll buy it. And tell your friends about it. Or post a review online. Then go buy the second and third books of the Traitor to the Crown series when they come out in May and June! Because the story keeps getting better in books 2 and 3.

What's that?

The link already?

Oh, yeah. You can download The Patriot Witch here.

Don't say I never gave you nothing.

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